How do Dog Flea Tablets Work?

Fleas and ticks can transmit many diseases to animals and humans, in addition to being annoying. You can reduce the risk to your pet and family by using medicated chewables, shampoos, sprays, or powders to control pesky parasites. If your pet experiences adverse reactions, make sure to follow the directions and consult your veterinarian. Flea pills for … Read more

Dog Flea Eggs Pictures and How to Get Rid of It

Dog fleas are the worst. Although they may seem small, fleas can be a serious problem for your dog. Flea bites can cause minor irritation to severe illness. Flea eggs can be difficult to spot on dogs, so there are tips that will help you identify them. Find out how to prevent flea infestations during and after the season. … Read more

Dog with Food Poisoning: Things You Need to Know

Food poisoning on dogs happen more often than you might realize. Most of the time, people will blame it on something else like a virus even though it’s most likely caused by certain food. Things like Staphylococcus caused food poisoning have a short incubation period, so often when dog gets sick it’s because they just … Read more